Fall Layers

Many things come to mind when you think of Fall; candles, firepits, sweaters, warm drinks, and leaves changing color. It always makes me nostalgic for going back to school and excited about the upcoming holidays. Even though it’s been a while since I’ve had to buy school supplies, I still find it fun to go “back to school” clothes shopping to see what’s new for the Fall and Winter seasons. The athleisure trend is still going strong in most places, so it’s easy to find great pieces to layer over your yoga wear. It’s also when I break out the warmer legwear for going outside!

  • Jackets are a necessity during Fall. I love the Impossibly Light Cropped Jacket from Nike. It is super lightweight, and the fact that it’s cropped in the front makes it really cute, and then the back dips down for a little bit more coverage. I think it would be great to pull on before and after class, or even just running errands around town.
  • Sweatpants are also a great item to keep on hand for cooler months. Joggers still seem to be popular this year which I’m grateful for because I think they are an elevated take on typical sweatpants. I LOVE the Beyond Yoga Cozy Fleece Foldover Sweatpant. They are a little on the pricey side, but they feel incredibly comfortable and soft!
  • Sweatshirts are another necessity, and this season it’s been popular to have vintage style logos across the front. I also really love crew sweatshirts. The Sports Top from H&M is a desirable option, and the color is awesome too!
  • Warm leggings are vital for keeping your legs warm on chilly days. If you don’t keep your legs warm, yoga or any physical activity for that matter can become 10 times more challenging! If you’re going to a hot yoga class, they may not be necessary, but for any other type of class, you’ll want softest warmer leggings. The North Face Warm Tight from North Face are a great pair and will keep you warm. They aren’t incredibly expensive compared to many other branded yoga leggings.
  • Lastly, Fall means the end of wearing sandals and open-toed shoes and bringing out the boots and closed-toed shoes. New Balance has a great line of Lifestyle tennis shoes that easily transfer from the gym to any other casual activity. They are comfy and perfect to pair with any of your yoga or athleisure attire.

Fall might be a reminder that the colder months of winter are just around the corner, but I choose to appreciate it for what it is. It’s a nice break from the summer heat and gets us excited for comfort food, spicy smells, and warm drinks. I try to look at it as a gateway to the holiday season and an excuse to buy more clothes, rather than just a reminder of winter. I hope you enjoy these picks for layering during Fall! What are your favorite layers for Fall?

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